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The success of a web site must be judged by its audiences. Eljay designs’ approach to designing and redesigning a web site places the site’s target audience as center of the design process. It is essential to understand the informational needs of the site and its target audiences before real design decisions can be made. Therefore eljay designs finds it essential to have excellent lines of communications available with the site initiators at all times to ensure that the right solutions are implemented.

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Eljay designs uses the latest in web design technologies/graphics. Eljay designs’ service offerings include:

A full web site design, including the development of a ‘look and feel’, customized content presentation, new web-enabled graphics development, html and cascading style sheet development, site content and style organization, general site testing and maintenance, such as site inspection, link and design functionality, and web site statistics analysis.

The designer is a good team player, and responsive to the design needs of the large range of web site clients and target audiences. Punctuality, timeliness in updates, and dependability are given facts for this company. Communication, coordination, and exchange of ideas with the web site initiators and clients are essential to the designer’s development of the web site.

After more than 15 years’ affiliation with Iowa State University, the designer is very knowledgeable in the goals and representation of Extension to the community.

Present web sites include sites located on the Iowa State University Extension, Agronomy Extension, College of Agriculture, and other web servers. These web sites often require daily updates and are kept on a very current basis.

The designer is up-to-date with Section 508 ADA-compliance rules and regulations and develops all new or redesigned web sites ADA-compliant.